Upskirt Gentlemen shot with 3DCGI for PANTIRA2015 Exhibision
(PANTIRA = Upskirt in japanese)
PANTIRA2015 is conseptual exhivision about ”Upskirt is a Universe” in Photons Art Gallery, Asakusabashi Tokyo Japan.
This is Antithesis artwork,we think upskirt is not only for girls shot for gentlemen, also for girls or gentlemen who like beautiful man.
Final Image
Direction/3DCGI/Composite:Ryo Asakura(Seventhgraphics)

Model / Retouching:Nonomy(Actress-Actor)
Base Photo
Edit in CINEMA4D
Edit in CINEMA4D
Making of
Final Exhibision scene
Many thanks to Lewo Saito and NAMADA and All PANTIRA STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!
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